Toxic Stress, continued

The Heckman study is an independent re-analysis of Nurse-Family Partnership's randomized controlled trial, which was completed in Memphis in 1990. Published findings at that time showed reductions in pregnancy induced hypertension, childhood injuries, and subsequent pregnancies. The Heckman study, the most rigorous analysis to date, shows additional positive improvements birthweight, leading to long-term improvement in cognition, and in mothers' mental health and parenting skills. You can find more information on the Heckman study here.

Dr. Foley's full presentation, Unsayable but Not Unreal, can be viewed by clicking on the link. Young children in poverty are significantly more likely to experience adverse events. They are 30% less likely to complete high school and their parents are twice as likely to report that they are at risk for developmental delays. Foley says that NFP protective factors stem from the nursess' continuous presence, emotional availability, dedication and competence.