YOU can change a life--two lives actually. By helping a mother, you alter her baby's trajectory during the most critical years. Your gift directly supports our initiatives that strengthen the NYC NFP program.


Cindy would never have known that her child had autism were it not for her nurse Joanne. Before enrolling in Nurse-Family Partnership, Cindy was homeless and working 2 jobs. She started her day at 11 pm as a dispatcher in Queens. She went from there to work at a daycare center in the Bronx where she slept on the floor after work until her night shift started again. 

Cindy's nurse Joanne helped her get into a shelter and, after the baby Caleb was born, Joanne realized that he was on the autism spectrum. Joanne obtained essential services for Caleb. She also helped Cindy apply for a Heart's Desire tuition award that paid Cindy's certification and licensing fees to run the daycare center that she now operates. Cindy created this amazing video to thank Joanne and the NFP program.


Experts say that Nurse Family Partnership represents an effective anti-poverty program and improves babies' health and welfare. A donation to us strengthens this powerful program even further by adding extra resources.


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