Hear About the Impact You Have Had

We are so grateful to our donors for having enabled us to help over 40 women pay educational and career expenses this year under our Heart's Desire Fund award program.  When we read clients' applications we were moved by the hardships they faced and awestruck by their determination to overcome these challenges in order to create better lives for their babies. But even so, the magnitude of what you helped us accomplish did not register until we began hearing from the clients themselves and from their nurses. 

One of the nurses described it this way: 

You opened the doors that they had hoped for but had not been able to act on due to financial barriers. Perhaps even more powerful, however, has been Heart’s Desire’s role in acknowledging the efforts of these women and serving as a vote of confidence in them as individuals...For many of my clients this act of support and investment in their future goes much further than any dollar amount and has not been shown to them in many areas of their lives.

Below you can watch a video and see a gallery of our clients. Click on the image to read their testimonials.

  Click  here  to watch this short video featuring several of our  awardees

Click here to watch this short video featuring several of our  awardees



Over the past 2 years, Melaine lived in at least 8 different homeless shelters--many of them far from her job. Her son also underwent an 8-hour operation to remove a serious cyst around his eye. Despite all this, Melaine was determined to attend college for a degree in early childhood education. She asked us to pay for a laptop and metro cards as well as a small amount of overdue tuition. She said “I travel so much on a daily basis, and I constantly have to bring my son to the library with me to type my papers. Sometimes I have to type them on my phone. I would be grateful to have any bit of help on this long but great journey." How could we refuse? (Awarded $1,417 in laptop and tuition)



"I am currently working on my Associates in Nursing at Borough of Manhattan Commmunity College, to then transfer to Lehman College for a Bachelor in Nursing. My main goal is to get a Masters Degree in Midwifery. Since my friend’s water birth I saw the beauty of helping a mother feel comfortable in the biggest moment of her life…Women should support each other and …I want a career where I can care for someone.

Living in New York, MetroCards are essential for travelling to school and to my daughter’s appointments. Otherwise I have to walk a long way to get to WIC. Without WIC I would not be able to feed my daughter a nutritious meal every day. I also need it to get to school for weekly classes so that I can one day provide a better life for my family."


Before enrolling in Nurse-Family Partnership, Cindy was homeless and working 2 jobs. She started her day at 11 pm as a dispatcher in Queens, went from there to work at a day care center in the Bronx where she slept on the floor after work until her night shift started again. Cindy's nurse Joanne helped her get into a shelter, recognized early on that her child Caleb was on the autism spectrum and obtained essential services for him. She also helped Cindy with a bout of depression.

A Heart's Desire tuition award subsequently enabled Cindy to study to obtain licensing for the day care center that she now operates. Cindy created this video to thank her nurse.